the moto g at sears says it's a consumer cellular network phone. is it locked? under details it says it uses at&t network so theoretically it'll work on t-mobile with the right sim. does anyone know if you can just pop out the consumer cellular sim and use the t-mobile one? $100 is a steal » 10/30/14 10:01am 10/30/14 10:01am

what about the Microsoft account app? instead of using a 6 digit code that expires every 90 seconds in some authenticator app (Google authenticator, Authy, etc.), each login will generate a request that creates a notification you can quickly hit approve/deny on. no copy pasting, or manually typing in a code you might… » 10/30/14 7:07am 10/30/14 7:07am

this is kind of the wrong way to look at it. consumer drives are not thrashed nearly as much on daily basis as a drive in a server rack. average user might do several hundred to a few gb read/write per day on their laptop/desktop at home. an enterprise drive might be doing 10 to 1000's times that depending on the use… » 10/25/14 11:26am 10/25/14 11:26am

better depends on the context being used. most people are just trying to pass the test to pass the class to go on the next one and graduate. "good enough" is good enough. of course, depending on your field, you'll need to know this material for work, but isn't that rarely the case anyways? » 10/05/14 5:43pm 10/05/14 5:43pm